Are you moving soon and wondering how to properly organize your move? Here are some tips to make sure everything goes well on D-Day.


The key to a successful move is undoubtedly in being well prepared. The more you prepare in advance, the more likely the event will go off without a hitch.

Organizing your move at the last minute is to be avoided at all costs if you want to avoid disasters and unpleasant surprises.

Pack your belongings, starting with non-essential goods

Depending on how many belongings you have to pack, start packing your belongings about two months in advance, starting with the items you use the least, such as books, knick-knacks, and decorative items.

Take care to clearly identify your boxes with markers in order to be able to prioritize the order of the boxes to be unpacked once in your new home. Save essential items and materials, such as dishes and bedding, for last.

Make address changes

To have peace of mind, about a month before moving, start making your changes of address and prepare for the change of school for your children, if necessary.

Make a list of the organizations, service companies, and ministries you will need to contact, then take a few minutes of your time to contact them. You can also make some address changes by email.

Choosing the right date and method of moving

Whether on your own or by doing business with professionals, choose a moving date and contact your friends, family members or the professionals who will help you transport your furniture to your destination to check if it is available. That day.

If applicable, also notify your employer that you are taking a day off that day, and above all, be ready and on time when the movers arrive.

If you are moving yourself, check truck availability with rental companies to ensure you will have a vehicle to transport the goods on the day of your move.

If you move in winter, take care to clear the entrances and put de-icing salt in the aisles to avoid unpleasant surprises and injuries.

Do business with professionals

To have peace of mind and be certain that your goods will arrive safely in one piece, you can do business with professional movers like Brault Demenagement.

This can be an advantageous option, especially if you have heavy objects, such as a piano or a pool table to transport. A tip to save, with professional movers, is to book in advance or to choose a date out of season.
Organizing your move well and preparing adequately is the key to success!