A company may be called upon to provide more “revealing” services than others, in the sense that all of its professionalism is concentrated there. In the field of moving by truck, residential and commercial, long-distance transport is a good example. Because the slightest lack of know-how and rigor is then aggravated by the journey. When it comes to moving to a region, no compromise is possible: everything must be well done and adapted. This also applies to the procedure to be followed in anticipation of this event.


New experience, opportunity for mutual aid…, a move can take on different meanings which, however, poorly mask what it is fundamentally: a workload. Moving to a region can even mean stress and fatigue. Hence the importance of planning well, in particular by calling on seasoned movers for whom “long distance” is not an adventure. Pros, in short, who are not new to moving abroad and who know which details make the difference.

By using established movers, however, you can rest assured that all your things will receive the right packaging, regardless of shape and weight. They will be handled with care, and above all, they will be carefully placed in the truck so that their stacking does not create any risk of breakage during transport. You must also obtain satisfactory answers to your questions concerning other points which prove to be decisive when it comes to moving to the region. Real moving experts will explain to you, for example, their tagging system, how they optimize their route, how the truck is tracked and traced, if there is special protection for fragile goods and if there is then additional costs.


Moving to a region also requires being sure of certain information which, again, is not insignificant when it comes to long-distance transport. In particular the confirmed date of the move (departure and arrival), the terms of storage (if applicable), the characteristics of the physical places of the new residence (street, entrance, floor, stairs, rooms, etc.), the list of goods by category (mention fragile items).

In addition, as transport takes longer when you go to the regions, it is relevant to validate the reliability and reputation of the movers considered. So also plan a little preventive research; Organizations exist and provide information. For example, the Better Business Bureau can tell you if a particular company has been sued or if it has received notices of dissatisfaction, as can the Quebec Commercial Certification Office and the OPC. On the side of the Truckers Association, we can tell you if a company has the necessary authorizations and permits to make intercity moves.

Brault Demenagement has been a guarantee of tranquility and satisfaction for over 60 years. Regardless of the distance, the quality of our services ensures that your goods follow you… intact.