Your business is expanding and you need new larger premises? The reasons for moving can be many. Whether it is for larger workspaces, better location, greater accessibility or simply for more beautiful premises, you still have to take the time to plan everything well. We can’t say it enough, planning is the most important part of planning a move. Here is a roadmap that should help you in moving your business.


Well yes ! A move must be organized well in advance! At least six months before departure, analyze your needs. When looking for new premises, remember to check if they are equipped with facilities that your business does not protect. Are there enough electrical outlets? Is your furniture suitable? Is there a possibility to create relaxation areas for your employees, etc.? All of these questions are relevant and essential. Also, remember to check your lease to make sure you are in good standing. Although the question of relocating a business is often the responsibility of management, it is still advisable to consult with its employees. As Stephanie Lincourt points out in the article Corporate relocation: 5 mistakes not to make published on the Les Affaires website, “employees can provide good advice on designing the layout of new premises”. Indeed, it is essential to consider your employees and their comfort, because they are the ones who will prosper your business.


Here, you have found your dream location and the new lease is signed. It is then time to select a project manager who will be responsible for planning and coordinating the entire move. If your company has several departments and many employees, it may be appropriate to select a relay person in each of these departments to facilitate the transmission of information and the coordination of operations. This is also when you will need to select a professional moving company that specializes in commercial moves. Why ? Quite simply because a business move does not involve the same procedures as a residential move. By doing business with a professional mover, you define a planning and management of the move made to measure for your company. It is also at this stage that you must think about the renovations to be carried out, both in your new and in your old premises. Start selecting the suppliers and contractors you will need.


At this stage, the frenzy begins to take hold of your employees. This is the precise moment when you must start taking inventory of your goods and possessions. As much for you as for the mover who will be responsible for moving your business, draw up a list of supplies that will be moved to the new location. To simplify the transport of goods and furniture, take the time to properly label them so that they are delivered to the appropriate location in your new offices. Also verify everything related to the connection of the telephone line and the connection of the Internet. You can also start the procedures for the change of address. Don’t forget to keep your employees informed of the processes in place.


Only a few more days before the big departure. To reassure your employees, take the time to fully explain to them the progress of the move and the tasks that concern them. In order to limit questions, you can also create a roadmap that you can distribute to them. Also take the opportunity to double-check your inventory and follow up with the moving company you have selected. In most business moves, computer equipment takes up a large part. Make sure that your computer equipment such as your printers, fax machines, etc. are cleared of any ink before being packaged.


The big day is here. At this stage, accessibility limiter, both new and old offices, to your employees. Keep the necessary staff and the project manager to facilitate the work of the movers who will handle the handling of items, furniture and files.


Everything is in place (or almost) and your business operations have resumed. Now that you are well settled, continue to make the necessary address changes so that your suppliers and customers find you easily. And, of course, what would a fresh start be without a little celebration? Celebrate your new premises with lots of laughs and a few cocktails. Thinking of relocating your business? Whether in the greater Montreal or Laval region, contact Brault Déménagement for a professional and impeccable commercial move.