July 1st is recognized as National Moving Day in Quebec. A true social phenomenon, the practice has already made headlines in some international media. But what do we know about the origins of the custom?


Historians say that in the 18th century, it was already common for changes of residence to take place in the spring, in particular because of the climate. The intendant at the time also set the end of the leases on April 30.

It was not until 1974 that the National Assembly reformed the decision, in order to allow children to finish the school year without having to change schools. Contrary to popular belief, the motion does not seek to formalize July 1st as a fixed date: it only postpones the expiry of all leases that are in effect until June 30. It is simply the continuity of this law which is still perpetuated 44 years later, preserving the same dates year after year.
Finally, it is hard to ignore that the choice coincides with Canada Day, which leads some to believe that there was also a political motivation behind this choice.

The Montreal Metropolitan Community mentions that more than 38% of its residents had moved at least once during the 2011-2016 period, which represents more than 1.38 million people.

For its part, Hydro-Quebec estimates that in 2016, of the 700,000 people who moved across the province, more than 70,000 did so on July 1st alone.


Like a real game of musical chairs, several thousand households will change addresses during the short period surrounding the Canada Day holiday. And if this habit satisfies the majority of tenants and owners, the simple sequence of entries and exits remains quite complex.

Because moving into a new home is quite an adventure! In addition to the boxes to prepare, you have to know how to manage traffic, find volunteers, find a truck if necessary, and try to organize the day according to the schedule… and the weather!

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