Between the boxes, the sale of certain furniture and the purchase of new supplies, a move is rarely easy.
And if you entrust this tedious task to a team of professionals?

Complete packaging

At Brault Déménagement, our team uses the right materials and the appropriate techniques to pack, unpack and handle your furniture. We employ professional, experienced, diligent, well-trained movers responsible for packing your household items and furniture as if they were their own.

Partial packaging

Our packing and unpacking services are flexible to meet your budget and preferences. Instead of full packaging, we can also only package the items that you tell us.

Do-it-yourself packaging

Would you like to pack your belongings yourself? No problem. Know that we will offer you the same professional service as well as increased protection of your property since your objects will still be placed under blankets to avoid the risk of breakage.

Fragile packaging service

Our team of professional packers offer one-piece packing services to help secure your most prized possessions (china, glassware, ornaments, pictures and mirror). If you have fragile household items or heavy furniture that requires special attention, we will ensure that your personal items are packed, delivered and unpacked with the utmost care.

What is included in the unpacking service?

First, make sure you have a copy of the inventory list, either the one provided by our mover or the one you previously created as part of your preparation for the move.

What is the cost of a packing-unpacking service?

Prices vary depending on the size of the house and the period of the move.
Most services are completed within a day. Except, if you need half day express service, there will be extra charge.

Trust a professional moving company!

After organizing your move, it is best to contact a specialized company such as Brault Déménagement. As moving professionals, we are available to take care of the entire packing and unpacking process quickly and efficiently.
Packing and moving with Brault Demenagement will never be a stressful experience.