How to minimize interruptions during a business move?

Whether to reduce operating costs or take advantage of larger space, moving a business offers a number of advantages. However, solid planning must be on the menu for the transition to be smooth.

Read our article to discover practical ways to ensure a successful and trouble-free move!

What types of disruptions can occur during a business move?

When moving a business, several types of situations can disrupt the smooth running of operations. Here are the main challenges to anticipate and practical advice to minimize negative impacts.

Problems related to computer systems and servers

The relocation of computer systems and servers often causes major interruptions within a company. Unexpected disconnections, restart problems and outages can paralyze business activity. Carefully plan IT equipment migration to minimize the risk of loss of data or access. We recommend avoiding subcontractors (Videotron, telecom, etc.) during the move in order to avoid delays in handling.

Moving large server rooms is often done in two steps. You could schedule the servers to be moved on a Friday so that your IT team finalizes the installation and testing over the weekend to ensure you are up and running in your new premises on Monday morning.

Delays in daily operations

A business move can cause delays in completing daily tasks, such as restricted access to tools and other resources. To avoid delays, organize a moving plan and plan temporary solutions to maintain the usual level of productivity.

The challenges related to the transport of equipment and furniture

Transportation of office furniture and equipment represents another major challenge when in a business move. Equipment damage, loss or delivery delays may occur. To avoid these inconveniences, work with experienced professionals and ensure that all items are properly packaged and labeled.

Disruptions to personnel and internal communication

Moving a company’s offices can distract staff and disrupt internal communication. Employees may feel disoriented and stressed, which can affect their performance. To avoid these disruptions, clear and constant communication is essential. Also, it is preferable to reduce the on-site staff as much as possible during the move in order to avoid contradictions.

What strategies should you apply to avoid interruptions during a business move?

Create a schedule and coordinate steps

A successful business move relies on careful planning. Create a detailed schedule for each stage of the move, clearly indicating dates and tasks to be accomplished.

And to ensure that all the necessary materials and resources are available at the right time, be sure to coordinate with suppliers and service providers.

Technology: your strategic ally

When moving a business, don’t underestimate the power of technology! Use solutions such as cloud storage to enable you to make data available anywhere, anytime and continue your operations. As for project management systems, they allow you to track progress and optimize task management.

Develop a communications plan

A commercial move requires clear communication between all parties involved. Otherwise, misunderstandings can lead to lower productivity and errors that complicate the transition. Develop a communications plan that includes setting up a dedicated channel for the move.

Regularly informing staff of the steps and offering supports to facilitate their adaptation is crucial to maintaining good morale and continued productivity.

Perform tests and simulations

Before the actual move, carry out simulations to identify potential problems and make the necessary corrections if necessary. You can also test new systems and infrastructure before the full transition to ensure they are working properly. A proactive approach helps anticipate the risks of interruptions and make necessary adjustments.

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