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    Packing-unpacking: an expert service

    Brault Déménagement carries out short or long distance, residential or commercial moves and provides a careful and meticulous packing-unpacking service for all your items as part of that service. Our cardboard boxes, made to measure wooden boxes and all the equipment and know-how at our disposal enable us to move your most fragile items, such as mirrors, pianos, etc.

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    Why use our packing service instead of doing it yourself?

    Many people choose to take advantage of packing services because they find the task unpleasant or because they simply don’t have enough time to do it themselves. You should be aware that, if you pack your things yourself, your mover won’t be responsible for any damage that may occur during transport, except in the event of negligence. If you want to be fully protected, it’s wise to hire our service to pack and unpack your belongings. What’s more, since our team has the experience and know-how to handle your property correctly, they’ll perform the work quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your moving experience is as pleasant as possible!

    A personalized service for your fragile items

    Where packing your items is concerned, a high-quality, personalized service is a must. All of Brault Déménagement’s professional movers will pack your items one by one then place them carefully and precisely in the truck used for the move.

    Before beginning the operation, we draw up a list of your fragile and your less fragile items. Easily broken items (mirrors, objects made from glass or marble, picture frames, etc.) can then be identified and packed in made-to-measure wooden crates.

    Large bulky items (large tables, pianos, sofas, etc.) can also be transported without any problem.

    Our dedicated team is equipped with a constantly updated range of packing materials for covering and packing your items: namely, all kinds of boxes, bubble wrap and protective coverings. We always strive to ensure your floors, walls and staircases are offered maximum protection.

    A complete unpacking service for your items

    Brault Déménagement provides its services throughout Canada. You are welcome to discuss your needs with us. One of our experts will be delighted to answer any questions you may have.

    We treat your items with the utmost respect when unpacking them. Each object will be individually moved into your new premises or new home before being unpacked and installed in the required location.

    Items are transported very carefully and as safely as possible. All your belongings will be completely and expertly covered by our experienced movers with high-performing, protective materials to protect them from impacts.

    You choose the most convenient day or days for the unpacking and we organize the rest. Our company is based in Laval and is a leading name in the region. Customer satisfaction always remains our overriding priority.

    So be assured that packing and unpacking your goods will happen in the best conditions. You can even use our storage Laval service if you need more space.

    What our customers have to say…

    • Professional service with loyal employees who take care of your belongings. What an exceptional and caring service! Thank you so much for your impeccable work!

      Joanna R .
    • What an amazing service! Works quickly and always with a smile! Congratulations to all the team who really took care of our furniture!

      Steve T.

    Need packing material?
    We have everything you need!

    2 sq. ft. box$ 2.50
    4 sq. ft. box $ 4.50
    Tea Chest Box $ 10.00
    Packaging Paper (25lbs) $ 30.00
    Bubble Wrap $ 10.00
    Scotch Tape $ 2.50
    Sofa Cover $ 20.00
    Queen Mattress Cover $ 10.00
    King Mattress Cover $ 15.00
    Label Roll $ 49.99
    Fragile Label $ 0.45
    Tape dispenser $ 19.99

    Moving box sets available

    Check out our packaging material packages below and fill out the form to place your order. We offer a free pick-up option as well as a delivery service (delivery charges apply).

    • 3 1/2 Package
      $139.99* + taxes
      Quantity Products
      15 2 sq. ft boxes
      10 4 sq. ft boxes
      12.5 LBS Wrapping paper
      24" Bubble wrap
      1 Black marker
      2 Tape wheels
      Delivery costs will be validated when ordering.
    • 4 1/2 or 5 1/2 Package
      $224.99* + taxes
      Quantity Products
      25 2 sq. ft boxes
      20 4 sq. ft boxes
      12.5 LBS Wrapping paper
      24" Bubble wrap
      1 Black marker
      5 Tape wheels
      Delivery costs will be validated when ordering.
    • House package
      $384.99* + taxes
      Quantity Products
      35 2 sq. ft boxes
      30 4 sq. ft boxes
      25 LBS Wrapping paper
      24" Bubble wrap
      1 Black marker
      6 Tape wheels
      2 Mattress covers
      Delivery costs will be validated when ordering.

    *Prices are subject to change without notice.

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      A la carte products

      2 sq. ft Box ($2.50/unit)
      4 sq. ft Box ($4.50/unit)
      Tea Chest Box ($10.00/unit)
      Wrapping Paper (25lbs)($30.00/unit)
      Bubble Wrap ($10.00/unit)
      Scotch Tape ($2.50/unit)

      Sofa Cover ($20.00/unit)
      Queen Mattress Cover ($10.00/unit)
      King Mattress Cover ($15.00/unit)
      Label Roll ($49.99/unit)
      Fragile Label ($0.45/unit)
      Tape dispenser ($19.99/unit)

      Delivery options

      Note: We will contact you upon receipt of the form to confirm the cost, delivery charges and method of payment.