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    You don’t have much to move, just a few boxes and/or some furniture or appliances? For your peace of mind, because a small move in Laval or the surrounding area or a small transport of furniture can be as stressful as a large move, you can trust Brault Déménagement. Indeed, since 1956, we provide a moving service, small or large, residential or commercial, on a short or long distance, according to the needs of our customers.

    We offer our moving services in Laval, Montreal, the North Shore, the Laurentians and Lanaudiere. Our professional movers transport your goods quickly, efficiently and safely. Thanks to our expertise and our experience, at Brault Déménagement, we are the most efficient mover in Laval for a small move, offering you impeccable and complete service at a competitive price. In addition, to facilitate your move, we are available 7 days a week, including holidays. Thus, we offer you a fully personalized service that meets your needs.

    Our complementary small moving services in Laval

    At Brault Déménagement, we carry out small moves in Laval and the surrounding area as well as small furniture transport, but we are also able to move your piano safely and offer you a full range of residential moving services or commercial.

    We also offer you the possibility of opting for a turnkey move which includes our neat and meticulous packing and unpacking service of all of your belongings.

    In addition, we provide you with a high quality storage service in our 100% safe, heated, clean and easily accessible warehouses for a short or long term. We have a large selection of sizes to meet all your needs.

    Small Moving FAQ

    We’ve put together a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about small moving.

    What is a small move?

    The term small move or minor move is commonly used in the field of moving. At Brault Déménagement, we talk about a small move when we have to transport:

    • A few moving boxes.
    • Some furniture or appliances.
    • One or two heavy items like a sofa or sideboard.
    • A single complex or bulky item such as a piano
    • The basic contents of a small apartment.
    • Carry out a small transport of furniture (table, bookcase, kitchen cabinet, desk, etc.).

    Is there a distance limit for a minor move?

    No. We carry out small moves as well over a very short distance as in the same building or the same district as over a short distance, the city just next door for example or even over a long distance such as another province of Canada.

    When should I plan my small move?

    Just like a large residential or commercial move, you need to plan your small move as soon as possible by setting a firm date.

    What services do you offer a small move?

    At Brault Déménagement, we offer you all of our services, including for a minor move: the packing and unpacking of your goods, the dismantling and assembly of your furniture, the storage of your goods if necessary, protection of your properties with carpets, etc.

    What should I do if one of my belongings is damaged during a small move?

    At Brault Déménagement, we have an insurance guarantee that protects your goods during handling and transport. Our insurance covers 5 million in civil liability as well as 1 million for cargo. In the event of damage, you have 48 hours to make a claim and a deductible of $125 plus taxes will be applied.