Friendly and efficient mover: the #1 choice

Whether this is your first move or you already have experience in the matter, this event remains stressful, both in terms of its organization and the anxiety it can cause. And this concern is often linked to the moving company hired.

Even if you take the time to read the comments and gather the opinions of your loved ones before requesting a quote, you still fear unpleasant surprises, even disappointment.

Will they be on time? Will they listen to my recommendations? Will they be tricky? Yes: your concerns are not really related to the move as such, but rather to the exchanges with the movers.

What if we told you that friendly, efficient and competent movers are available for you? What is this #1 choice for taking care of your belongings? It’s us, Brault Déménagement, and we are delighted to meet you!


It may seem strange, but it is not uncommon for some moving companies to string together contracts without taking the time to talk to their customers, understand their anxieties and reassure them about the day’s progress.

From the first contact, we make ourselves available, really. Questions ? You have a million! And we are happy to answer them as precisely as possible, with courtesy. If the communication channel is open, no frustration will be declared!

On D-Day, we stand out for our indisputable punctuality. Knowing that you can count on us and being able to deal with the unexpected thanks to our reliability can help reduce your stress! As for questions, you will still have some and that’s normal. Always with the aim of making you comfortable throughout the process, our movers and the members of our administrative team will take the time to explain each step to you and resolve your uncertainties. It’s teamwork, but it’s above all a human exchange that we work to establish and maintain at all times.

It’s simple: Brault Déménagement works with respect. From its customers of course, but also from its environment and its employees. In short, everyone wins!


Calling yourself sympathetic is good, being one for real is better! Our job is demanding and physical, but we are passionate about it. For what? Because nothing is more gratifying than seeing our clients smile satisfied and grateful after their move.

Our good humor is also reflected in the patience, attentiveness and search for solutions that we deploy for you. We know that everything you entrust to us is valuable, and we handle your belongings with the same thoroughness and delicacy that we would take to handle ours. And since it’s so much more pleasant to work in a friendly and professional, relaxed and conscientious atmosphere, we do not hesitate to reassure you in the pleasure!

Basically, what does it mean to be a friendly and efficient mover? It means caring about our customers and supporting them as best as possible in this stage of life. For Brault Déménagement, it’s more than a job, it’s a privilege. And for you, it’s choice #1  !