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    At Brault Déménagement, our professional movers will put their experience and expertise to work for you in order to meet all your needs. Our courteous, detail-oriented experts will ensure that you receive exceptional service at a competitive price for your move to Saint-Eustache. Thanks to their reliability and efficiency, our movers can offer you high-quality residential or commercial moving service, regardless of whether you’re embarking on a minor move, a major move or even long-distance relocation.

    For your peace of mind, we also offer storage services in Laval, just a stone’s throw from Saint-Eustache. Secure storage of your belongings during your move is available on either a short- or long-term basis. You can store some or all of your possessions in our storage units, which are monitored by surveillance camera, heated, clean and easy to access at all times. To suit your specific needs, we offer storage spaces in a wide range of different sizes.

    All-inclusive moving service in Saint-Eustache

    At Brault Déménagement, with more than 65 years of experience in the field, we’ll take care of everything so that your move to Saint-Eustache or the surrounding areas is a complete success. We’ll pack, transport and unpack all of your furnishings and belongings with utmost care, no matter how heavy or bulky they may be. What’s more, in order to guarantee you a damage-free move, our movers in Saint-Eustache offer you a vast selection of specialized moving equipment and supplies, including protective mats, harnesses, cardboard boxes, wardrobes, bubble wrap and brown paper. As a result, we can ensure that we move your things—even the most fragile items—safely and securely.

    Our insurance is your guarantee

    The movers at Brault Déménagement will take every possible precaution to avoid damaging your property, both in your old residence and your new one. We use mats to protect your floors and clean protective covers to safeguard your furniture, mattresses and fragile items. Additionally, you can take advantage of our packing service to ensure that your belongings receive optimal protection during transport.

    You should be aware that we also offer you an insurance certificate that covers all of your property during the moving and transport process. Our coverage includes a $5 million in civil liability insurance and $1 million in shipping insurance.

    The deadline for submitting a claim is 48 hours after your move, and a deductible of $125 plus tax will apply. With Brault Déménagement, you can rest assured that your move will go off without a hitch.

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    Why move to Saint-Eustache?

    The city of Saint-Eustache is located twenty kilometers to the northwest of Montreal, on the north shore of the Rivière des Mille Îles at the mouth of the Rivière du Chêne (Oak River). It’s the administrative seat of the Deux-Montagnes regional county municipality (RCM) in the Laurentians. The suburb is home to approximately 45,000 residents spread out over an area of 72.6 square kilometers. Established in the eighteenth century, it boasts a rich historical past, as it was the site of the Lower Canada Rebellion in 1837.

    The city of Saint-Eustache borders Mirabel to the north, Boisbriand to the east, Laval to the south and Deux-Montagnes to the west. It’s easily accessible via Autoroutes 640 and 13, as well as Routes 148 and 344. This rapidly growing city offers a perfect combination of urban life, with numerous restaurants, shops and an industrial park, and country life, with a nature park and other green spaces.

    The city is renowned for the numerous historic buildings in Old Saint-Eustache, the Saint-Eustache Cathedral, whose acoustics are among the top three in North America, the Ciné-Parc drive-in theater and a sprawling indoor-outdoor flea market.

    déménager à St-Eustache
    maison Lavande, St-Eustache

    Photo by Will Ge on Unsplash