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    Commercial moving (throughout Quebec)

    Changing premises? New offices acquired? It’s important to employ a professional commercial moving service where your machines, computers, or workbenches even, are concerned. Call on the services of Brault Déménagement’s specialists for safe, efficient transportation of your items and a service that is entirely compliant with current norms and standards.

    We will take care of packing, transportation by truck, and assembly: everything is covered. Our company its commercial moving services in Laval & Montral areas.

    A stress-free commercial moving

    Relocating your organization? For a fast, reliable service in Laval and Montreal, Brault Déménagement is the one to manage your commercial moving for you!

    After signing a fully detailed quote including all the services to be provided by our team of professionals, you then choose the most convenient days for you for the move to be carried out.

    A comprehensive commercial moving service

    We begin packing all your company’s items as soon as possible: desks, chairs, cupboards, papers, clothing, etc. Please note that the transportation of bulky items does not present any problems at all for us.
    Our team of movers, experienced in commercial moving, will then safely transport all your items by truck to the new premises you have specified. The processes of unpacking and assembly are included in our services. You therefore have nothing else to worry about.

    Moreover, we also offer residential moving and provide senior moving service with respects to the highest standards.

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