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    Is space in short supply? Do you have bulky items to store or valuable items that need to be kept for a specific period of time, short or long-term? Contact Brault Déménagement, immediately for temporary storage in Laval offering high levels of security seven days per week, 24 hours per day. Your items will be in safe hands and stored at a site constantly patrolled by our security guards and monitored by our automatic security systems.

    Completely secure storage

    The service of storage in Laval provided by Brault Déménagement’s allows you to store items in a location offering optimum security and protection from humidity, in case this could damage the items.

    You will be allocated special places for your vehicles (boats, cars, trailers, etc.). If you wish to store furniture, paper archives, desks or other valuable or bulky objects, we have all the material and equipment necessary to protect your possessions. We use various coverings, individual containers and kraft paper to ensure your items are returned to you in the condition they were in when supplied to us!

    In terms of security, our warehouses offer the best available. In addition to round-the-clock video surveillance, eight-foot high barbed wire enclosures have been installed and motion-detecting warning lights are in operation.

    Outside our company’s business hours, security guards carry out patrols to ensure the security of the premises and prevent potential intrusions. We always keep up-to-date with the latest standards and legislation relating not only to security but to fire risk management as well, adopting new measures and carrying out any work required when necessary.

    A personalized service to match your requirements

    We will quickly match your requirements when you need temporary storage in Laval for your items due to work being carried out, a planned move in process, or for archiving purposes.

    The storage period can be anything from just a few days to several months or longer. Our company operates 365 days a year, so there are no breaks in service. Jean-Guy Brault Déménagement is located in Laval.

    We also provide residential or commercial moving services. In addition we can assure packing and unpacking of your goods.

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    What our customers have to say…

    • Good team, well-co-ordinated, well organized, they even had a place to temporarily store our belongings. I am very satisfied with their service. Recommended.

      Lyne S.