Are you moving into a new home in the next few months? Whether it’s your first move or your tenth, the following digest is sure to help you make your move to the city a success.


Now that your lease is signed, the countdown is on. The first step is to set the date of the move, in agreement with the former occupant and the owner if applicable. With this crucial information, you can immediately organize your agenda as well as make essential reservations: team of movers, truck, equipment, etc. If you are considering renting a vehicle, make sure you have the necessary prerequisites and classes.

Although it is best to avoid statutory holidays, it goes without saying that many households change addresses during the days around Canada Day. If it is planned to rent a truck or equipment, it should be noted that the rates are very high during this period alone, due to increased demand.

Get a head start by notifying your employer, insurer and relevant government agencies, as well as your service providers. Also, Canada Post offers mail redirection, for a certain amount of money.

Do not delay packing: starting early gives you more time to sort and organize your belongings. The boxes used should be strong and reasonably sized to avoid breakage. If you call on a professional workforce, they will take care of properly packaging all your items, from the most delicate to the largest.

How to make life easier? Identify the boxes, as well as the rooms in which they are intended. Moreover, by numbering them, you have an additional assurance of not forgetting anything. During the move, it will be easier for your employees to distribute the goods to the right places.

Perform a site reconnaissance to identify the best route to take depending on traffic and an adequate space for loading your belongings, according to the regulations in force.


Plan your schedule and everyone’s tasks. If you have retained the services of professionals, confirm with them the contact details, the procedure and be sure to be on the scene before the team. Together with the former occupant, it is desirable to synchronize arrivals and departures so as not to interfere with the process.

Be careful and plan ahead when moving around and handling objects or boxes to avoid injury. It is also practical to keep a kit on hand with the essentials, first aid, tools, clothing, etc. If you have pets, make sure they are safe at all times and moved properly. Also remember to check accessibility and inform the moving company. Indeed, it is essential to indicate to professionals where they can park, if there is an elevator, on which floor your new home is located, etc.

To prevent loss and theft, do not leave anything unattended, especially outside, and avoid listing the presence of valuables on boxes.

Plan ahead for how you are going to handle garbage and recycling. Several organizations can recover the items for free or at a lower cost. Too much furniture? Storage is an excellent alternative that allows you to keep your belongings safe and worry-free.

A change of residence is a memorable experience that requires both good preparation and logical organization. Whatever your need, in terms of packaging, moving or storage, the experts at Brault Demenagement are ready to accompany you to ensure the success of your move in the city, as elsewhere.