Planning your move: some will say that it is an art, others that it is a question of organization. It’s probably a mix of both! Among the essential steps, one particularly puts us off: making the boxes!

The right time to start them? Let’s say a month and a half before the move. It’s a good start that needs to be adapted to your situation: are you in an apartment or a house? Are you a minimalist or a collector? Are you alone, as a couple, as a family? Can you rely on outside help? This quick inventory will allow you to plan, save and optimize your time.

Turnkey? Moving boxes will be ready not too soon nor too late; you’ll have all the cardboards needed without going all over the place and most importantly: peace of mind!


What takes time in making your boxes is the sorting that you have to do beforehand. This big cleaning should start as soon as possible, but if you need a date to find your way around, 8 to 12 weeks before D-Day should be enough for you to give away or sell what you no longer use, and throw everything that’s at the end of its life. If your decoration is refined, it will be a quick step. But if you are at the head of a family that has made itself comfortable in a house, there is no doubt that this time will be well spent!

Let’s talk about the boxes. Ideally, start them as soon as the sorting is done. You will already be in a rhythm of tidying up and the inventory of your belongings – especially fragile items – will still be fresh in your mind. You might ask how to proceed? By focusing on everything that is not essential in your daily life. It may seem logical, but we don’t always have the necessary perspective to make an effective selection. First and in this order:

  • Carpets, decorative objects, books, collections
  • Off-season clothing
  • Dishware, household appliances or non-essential appliances (raclette, fondue, etc.)
  • Household Linen (towels, slipcovers, carpet…)
  • Toys
  • The tools (except the basic set – screwdriver, hammer, drill-driver – which will be welcome to dismantle the furniture if necessary)
  • Plan two weeks before the move to complete these steps. Then you will see that in the end,
    you don’t have so many things left to pack!


Making the rounds of convenience stores, pharmacies and grocery stores is the solution that many of us choose. For a practical matter, we can actually find our happiness with these retailers. Also think about supermarkets, warehouse stores, or even your friends or family.
The problem? It is a long-term job that does not guarantee you to find the number of boxes you need, and especially with the quality you need. And even if you’ve taken all the necessary precautions, you could still run out, and you wouldn’t want to run out of boxes a few days before the big departure. In addition, you should know that handling and placing mismatched boxes in the truck can be more complex and less efficient, which can affect the time required for your move.

The preferred solution for having solid, good quality boxes, on time? Procurement. Contrary to popular beliefs, new moving boxes are not expensive. In addition, you are guaranteed to have models adapted to all your objects – even the most fragile – that are easy to stack, clean, recyclable, and which can be offered in the form of moving sets, depending on the volume to be packed.

You will have understood: a calendar will be your best ally to create optimized boxes, with complete peace of mind. And to reassure you in your preparation, you can also count on the Brault Demenagement team. Fast, meticulous, experienced: our team is committed to facilitating your move and making packing materials affordable. Our objective? That making boxes is no longer a chore, but the pleasant first step to a new life!